Chocolate Avocado Scrub


IDR 135,000.00

Our luscious chocolate scrub gently exfoliates, boosts circulation and infuses skin with powerful antioxidant for a radiant glow. Cacao is packed with anti-inflammatory, healing and anti aging goodness. Blended with Avocado Oil and other magical botanical oils, it will prevent aging, protect the skin from UV damage and increase cellular renewal function. This is a heavenly scrub to fight off free radicals, dissolve dead skin cells and revealing brighter younger complexion.

Claims: Soften Skin | Rejuvenate

Nominal Content: 130 gr

Dimension : Jar diametre 7,2 cm 

Key Ingredients

Organic Ground Cacao Beans, Organic Brown Sugar, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Cacao Oil, Bee Pollen, Vitamin E