Himalayan massage ball


IDR 75,000.00


  • WHY A ROCK SALT MASSAGE STONE: Since, ancient times, rock salt has been used to reduce muscle & joints pains. When heated and rubbed on sore muscles and joints or when mixed in warm water, the salt gets absorbed by the body and helps to reduce inflammation & relaxes the muscles.
  • HOW TO USE ROCK SALT MASSAGE STONES: Heat the rock salt massage stones in a regular oven (not microwave) or put them in a sealed plastic pouch and place in hot water. Allow the massage stones to become hot to a temperature that is bearable by the skin. Apply oil generously on your body and rub the massage stone gently on sore muscles. If the stones become too hot, place them in a sock or a cloth before rubbing directly on skin.
  • CAN ALSO BE USED AS BATH SALT OR FOOT SOAK: You can also dip these massage stones in your bath tub/bucket for 3-4 minutes before bath to make your bath water salty, just like you use a bath salt. Place in a bucket with warm water to make a clean non-messy foot soak. Additionally, salt being water attracting, keeps the skin hydrated and moist
  • ROCK SALT – A NATURAL DEODORIZER: Well, if you have never heard of it, rock salt is naturally anti-bacterial, and, is known to reduce body odor. On rubbing this bar on your wet body after a bath, salt is absorbed by the skin, making it resistant to germs and bacteria, keeping you and your young ones protected from airborne diseases.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 piece Himalayan Pink Salt Massage Stone - Ball Shaped. Color: Whitish Pink to Peach, Item Form: Solid; Weight: 200 grams (approx.), Odour: None, STORAGE: Wipe off oil or water from the surface of massage stones after use and store in a dry place/airtight plastic bag to avoid salt from dissolving by coming in contact with moisture or water.