This is seriously the best decision I've ever made. I've stopped using store-bought cleansers and soaps and masks, and have been using honey as a face mask every night. Not only do I wake up with a glow, any pimple I've had the night before either shrinks/ comes to a head or simply disappears. The process may not be instantaneous but I see results after just a couple of tries, and that's enough for me. If you have acne please change up your skincare routine to a simpler, more gentle and natural one. Have a go at this. It's also inexpensive! I can't think of any con except that it's sticky, so it's uncomfortable for an overnight mask (I still do it regardless)... good luck!


K, Jakarta, 28yo

My favoritos! Poppyseed Lavender Bar!

My skin is super sensitive, seborrheic dermatitis face thats what dermatologist labeled me. But this cleansing bar saved my soul and of course with Honeywild facial mask. It is not about how premium the composition but how trustworthy the ingredients.

H, Jakarta, 34 yo

Helen, Jakarta, 34 yo